Most expensive dog in the world 1 million pounds.

If you see this do not have to shout loud dogs because the price is very expensive to do this. The most expensive dog in the world named. The Big Splash. Or the name of China's Dong Feng which are just 11 months. The Big Splash. This dog Red Tibetan Mastiff. The owner of a wealthy Chinese man was selling out to 1 million pounds by the one you want to buy out a friend Would be very rich indeed.

Reported. I will not commit to buy. The Big Splash. This large house to be prepared for it. Because these dogs. When it's fully grown. The body weight of 130 kg, and the need in each meal and eat it, too. That would have cost much more because of the big splash. Complete the development of the species. As a result of its high price as well. Previously it was the same dog. The Big Splash. Expensive before the Big Splash as well.

The dog Red Tibetan Mastiff are native. The Chinese believed that the symbol of the Holy Trinity. The variety Red Tibetan Mastiff are native. Red is the lucky color for the Chinese. It is believed that it is the animals that make a fortune. Rich to feed it. It also helps to raise healthy and well. Another belief is. Tibetan dog has the soul of a priest who is not strong enough to return to the human or Samsung Karbala. Kingdom of Heaven. King in the past, it was a dog of this breed, whether it is Queen Victoria. King George of England and the fourth emperor Genghis Khan. I've been breeding dogs as well. Why does it not surprise me that it's not so cool. Wealthy people who love animals like dogs, then put it into a bag with a little detergent to it.

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